Pre Race

Wednesday's Words: Pre Race


As the fall race season approaches I have been getting lots of questions about what to do before a race. So, I decided to write about what I do as an example of how a pre race plan could look. Every race plan should include a detailed pre race plan. You want to be able to be in auto pilot on race morning and avoid any decision making. I know I don't think clearly on race morning! My plan is always the similar and it goes something like this:

I wake up three hours and 15 minutes before the race start. The first thing I do is drink a cup of coffee and start eating breakfast. This changes based on availability, but is high carbohydrate low fat and low protein. In IM Mont Tremblant I had two peanut butter and honey sandwiches with a banana and coffee. After this I am sipping on a bottle or two with some sort of electrolyte the rest of the morning. I then pack up my race nutrition and transition bag. I run through my list and make sure it is all there! Now it is time to pin on my timing chip (I always either add some tape or a safety pin to the strap). I get dressed in my race kit, Heart rate monitor and am ready to go. I make sure race morning I check my tire pressure and set it where it needs to be based on the race course. I either re-lube my chain or make sure my ICE'd chain is looking good. Last up I make sure my bike is in the appropriate gear based on the transition set up. I head to race site plenty early because I don't think I have ever done a race that required less than three trips to the port-o-let. 

Once I arrive to the race site I make sure my shoes, watch, bib, hat and gels are in my run bag, and my helmet and sunnies are in my bike bag. On to my bike, I add on my nutrition, bike computer and shoes. I double check tires, chain, gearing and have my computer on and auto paused ready to go. I check that I have my wetsuit and swim skin with my race cap and goggles ready to go. As well as some anti- chaff product for me and my wetsuit. 

Now that my gear is already I go for a short 10 min warm up jog. This is slow. I might get in a little over a mile. Then I do some glute activation, light stretching and mobilization for my legs, arms and shoulders. After my body is warm, I move onto my mind. I find a place to sit and get mentally prepared for what is about to happen. 

Time to lube up and put on the wetsuit. I make sure to put lube on the lower legs and wrists so I can pop them off easily in T1, and I tighten my goggles from "practice loose" to "race tight". I do a gel and finish my water 15ish minutes before the start and try to get in the water 10 minutes early to do a little warm up swim, get used to the water and make sure I can get a front line spot for the start. I take a few deep breaths, run through a positive mantra, and smile because the gun is about to go off!  

serious business before the start!

serious business before the start!