Power Sessions

Ride stronger & INCREASE your FTP

These classes are great for people racing cycling events, getting ready to finish there first century, cross training for another sport or getting ready for a triathlon! Cycling is a great way to get in a high intensity workout with low impact and low risk of injury. Have fun in our group setting and let the coaches and other athletes motivate you to your personal Top Step!

Photo Credit for all photos on this page: Kaori Photo.

Photo Credit for all photos on this page: Kaori Photo.


  1. Power Classes with a Wahoo Kickr System

    1. A Wahoo Kickr is a smart trainer which the resistance can be controlled. In our system the resistance is controlled based on a percent of effort (FTP). Each kickr is set to the individual so that the percent effort is the same for each rider even though the actual watts being put out can differ greatly. This allows beginner riders to have the exact same workout experience as advanced riders right next to each other!

  2. Run form Off The Bike analysis

    1. This class is geared towards triathletes and being able to run well off of the bike is an integral part of triathlon. Riding can severely affect run form. Having your run analyzed off of the bike can help know what you need to do to run your best in a triathlon.

  3. Targeted Strength training Off The Bike

    1. Since the bike tires us out in different ways we all need to focus on different cues once we start running after riding. Craig Smith DPT will assign specific activation for each athlete to do before running in order to help them focus on the correct cues.

  4. Coached by Pro Jesse Vondracek 

    1. Each workout is written and used by professional triathlete Jesse Vondracek. He has run 3:00 in the marathon off of the bike, and recently went 8:20 in Ironman Texas. Either Jesse or Fredrick Scott lead the workouts. Both Fred and Jesse have a deep understanding of the benefits of the specific workout and how they can be applied to a larger training plan.

  5. FTP Increase guarantee!

    1. FTP stands for functional threshold power. Power is a measure in watts of your output on the bike. FTP is the amount of watts you can hold for approximately one hour before extreme fatigue sets in. The workouts in this class are based on your FTP. One of the first things we do in class is a test of your FTP. We then have a starting point to build the workouts from. I guarantee that if you attend class and perform the workouts as prescribed, your FTP will increase at the end of the training block.

Current Class SCHEDULE:

Jesse: Thursday at 5:30Am

Jesse: Friday at 6:00 AM

Fred: Wednesday at 6:15 PM *starting 1/9*

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is wahoo kickr system?

    1. A Wahoo kickr is a smart trainer. This means that the resistance or watts can be controlled by an app. No matter how fast or slow you turn the cranks, the watts are set. A class is made with intervals of hard and easy riding. These are based on a percent of FTP (see FTP). This allows the class to be the same difficulty for every rider even if they have vastly different experience levels.

  2. What is a power class?

    1. A power class is a class based on percent FTP. So the class is based on watts. This is opposed to a spin class which can be based off of a resistance knob, perceived exertion, or just cadence.

  3. Why do we need to run off?

    1. These classes are set up with a triathlon focus. Being able to run off the bike is an integral part of triathlon. This makes it important to practice. We focus on running with good form and proper muscle engagement.

  4. What if I don't want to run off?

    1. The run off the bike or brick is totally optional. If you do not want to run, you are welcome to keep riding, foam roll, stretch out, take a shower, or take off!

  5. What if I currently have an injury?

    1. Craig Smith DPT is available to schedule an appointment to assess or help with your injury. If you do not wish to have it looked at, you will need to do use your own judgement on how much and what intensity to train at.

  6. What if I have a coach?

    1. Great! You likely should have a coach. We are happy to share our plans with your coach to make this class fit into your training as best it can!

  7. What if I don’t have a right bike or bike equipment?

    1. You need to have your own bike. It should be a 10 or 11 - speed. Besides that you should have cycling shoes, and a pair of cycling shorts ar not required, but will make for a more comfortable ride! You should bring water, or sports drink,  a sweat towel and some nutrition to take in after the ride.

  8. What should I bring to class?

    1. You should bring your bike, shoes, water or sports drink,  a sweat towel and some nutrition to take in after the ride or brick. You should also bring your run gear if you plan on running after.

  9. Can I use my own power device?

    1. You can use your own power device. One thing we have noticed is with all of the various power devices in the room, signals can drop during the ride. This will give you inaccurate data.

  10. What if I am not a strong cyclist?

    1.     No matter what your riding ability, the Wahoo Kickr Studio provides each person with a personalized level of training stress. Class workouts deliver carefully selected levels of power based on an individual’s Functional Threshold Power thereby making every class count towards your goal of becoming a stronger cyclist.

  11. What will I learn?

    1.     Besides learning about cycling power, Wahoo Kickr classes also help people understand relationships between cycling efficiency (smooth pedal stroke), cadence, heart rate, power-to-weight ratio, and perceived exertion. All of this knowledge can be transferred to riding outdoors.

  12. What are the benefits of this type of riding?

    1.     Wahoo Kickr Studio classes provide a carefully controlled training environment where riders learn how to become stronger cyclists. Classes also provide a direct opportunity to learn and work with coaches who can help address specific training needs.

  13. Why a run analysis?

    1.     Most people learn to run as a child but running as an adult can place a great deal of stress on the body and often lead to injury. A detailed running analysis helps identify individual biomechanical issues that may need to be addressed to become a more efficient, injury-free runner.

  14. What to do with the file?

    1.     Upon completion of each ride, you will receive an email from Wahoo Fitness containing a brief analysis of your ride along with your ride file attached. This attachment can be easily downloaded to Strava, Training Peaks and other Fitness apps.

  15. What is FTP?

    1. FTP stands for functional threshold power. Power is a measure in watts of your output on the bike. FTP is the amount of watts you can hold for approximately one hour before extreme fatigue sets in.

  16. What is V02?

    1.     By definition VO2 Max, or maximal oxygen uptake, is a measure of the maximal amount of oxygen an individual can utilize during intense, or maximal effort. In practice, VO2 Max has been linked to aerobic endurance and is quite easily estimated using a prescribed power test performed in the Wahoo Kickr Studio. Through periodic testing, an individual can then determine their rate of fitness improvement over time.

  17. What does Sweet Spot mean?

    1. Sweet spot is a level of intensity just under your FTP. Most consider sweet spot to be between 88% and 92% of your FTP. The benefit of sweet spot training is that since it is a little less than your FTP you can spend more time there. Riding at this intensity is shown to have almost the same effect on FTP as riding at your FTP.