Adam Feigh

Adam is new to the Pro scene. He qualified for his Pro card in June of 2016. I have had the honor of racing him twice, and we are tied up! I am over the moon to have the honor to coach Adam, and am excited to race him again at Ironman Louisville.  He is a nurse in Lexington, SC and the Doctors regularly check on him because of his resting heart rate of 24. I expect big things from him, and I am going to grip tightly on beating him once, because I don't see it happening again!

Jason Klien

Jason is living a dual life. By day he is a hard working MD student at the University of Washington. He colleagues know him as a hard worker in the lab. By night (and early morning) he is a rock star triathlete with his eye on Kona this year at Ironman Cozumel. Striking the balance of Kona and working on an MD is the beauty of the sport. He is full of grit and up for the challenge!

Pat McIntosh

Pat is an industry giant! He is the  SVP of Commercial Operations and board member for a new pharmaceutical start up and working hard at it. He is also a family man with a wife and three children. Now that they have (finally) left the nest it is time for Pat to get back into the shape of his life! He is already PRing all over the place, and keep your eye out at Ironman 70.3 Atlantic City, this guy is going to be ready to tear it up!

Duran Greene

Duran is a serious athlete. He has been in the sport for over eight years now. He has been building a base, and is ready to go all in of the next five years on his road to Koan. This guy is not afraid of hard work. He puts in the time and effort. Look for him blazing through the run course at Ironman Florida. If you catch him looking over his shoulder, it is because his better half might be running him down!

John Ryan

Chat with John on the phone and the one thing you take away is that he is IRISH! You can also tell by his work ethic. This doctor and father of two is also a serious marathoner. He has completed every single workout I have thrown at him, no questions asked. He recently PR'ed in a half marathon and is building into a marathon this fall. I have a feeling he is going to take over ten minutes off of his marathon PR and smash the St. George marathon!

Vanessa Brown

Vanessa is a jack of all trades. Ironman? check! Long distance open water swim? check! Crewing for others long distance event? In the bag. She can do anything she puts her mind to. We are in the brainstorming phase of what adventure is next for this one, but keep your eye out it is going to be BIG! Besides an incredible athlete, she is in the Navy. She has lived worked and trained all over the US and the globe!

Christopher Villegas

Chris is the youngest member of Top Step training, competing in junior cycling. He is a serious mountain biker and road racer. If you are in Tucson or Hermosillo on a group ride, and you see a baby face pulling the group around, it is most likely Chris! As you know breaking into the road racing world is a challenge and Chris is well on his way!

Cameron Hummels, PhD

Cameron is a Post Doc Fellow at California Institute of Technology and a triathlete bad ass. He is currently racing some Ultra distances running races while his shoulder heals. If he does not become an Astronaut, you will see him on the start line of Kona in a couple years.


Caleb Brantley


No one really knows what Caleb does, but he is the Director of Energy Management and it sounds awesome. When he is not working, he is training. He has his sights set on a sub 5 hour 70.3. His other goal for next season is a big one.  He is looking at his first Ironman in 2017! 


Daniel Zamora


He is a full time dad, full time firefighter, and full time triathlete. He smashed a few 70.3s last season, including a WIN at Ironman 70.3 Tempe (this was before I was coaching him). This season he took on his first Ironman at Ironman Arizona. He qualified for Kona! Kona 2017 here we come. After that, he might be racing against Ben and Jesse as a Pro!

Sarah Sullivan


Sarah is new to the endurance community, and the working world. She is a recent University of Arizona graduate in the field of nutrition. She has taken triathlon by storm. She has an incredible knack for the bike. She is going after her second triathlon at Lifetime tri tempe.


Josh and Laura Reddoch


This all-star duo has been on the endurance seen for quite some time. Josh is looking to have some fast 70.3 races this spring, then dive in head first into his first Ironman race! On a busy schedule and limited time, Josh and I are working on all the angles to get him across the line as fast as possible! Laura is a natural born athlete. You have most likely seen her back wheel on the shootout. She is getting ready to hone in that speed at the 70.3 distance. Look out Female pros, you could have some new competition VERY soon!

Sarah Smith


Sarah is a natural in the pool. She is quick on the bike, and enjoys to run. It is time for her to do her first triathlon! She is dedicated, and excited about entering the multisport world! Since her day job is a Physical Therapist, she keeps me in check! She is going to start with a sprint this spring, but who knows where this one will go!

Past athletes:

Molly Hummel


Molly is an experienced racer. She has excelled at the elite level in Mountain and Road cycling, as well as triathlon. She is currently dabbling in trail running. Hailing from Colorado, the trail running scene is ideal.  Her endurance base from the bike will come in handy over the long haul.


Brie Todd, MD


Brie is currently injured, which means she is only training about 20 hours and working 80 hours catching babies as an OBGYN.  She races everything from the Pikes Peak double, to 70.3 triathlons. Her swim is becoming her secret weapon, and an Ironman maybe in her future…


Alli LaCroix

Alli has a rich history in the sport of running. She has ran at all levels, been a coach herself, and ran every distance from the 5k to the marathon. She has just spend a great deal of time training at some serious elevation in Quito, Ecuador! She is excited to get a bit lower and hone in on her speed in China!

JD Land

JD is a Wedding photographer based out of Philadelphia. He owns his own business, and is now taking control of his future! He is jumping in to his first 70.3 in September at Lake Placid! One day I bet we will see him cross the finish line of an Ironman!

Tracy Waltmire


Tracy is a machine on the bike. She is honing her swim - run in order to take the field by storm at the 70.3 distance. She is a proud member of the Tucson Tri Girls, and Rocks the W with the Ride Triathlon Team. An Ironman just might be in her future!

Phyllis Taoua

Phyllis is a professor at the University of Arizona, and a life long athlete. She is getting ready to leave her mark on the local triathlon scene. Her goals are to look in the mirror ten years from now and be in the middle of boxing her bike to travel somewhere amazing to race! 

Adam Sansiveri


You might have seen him strolling down the streets of NYC in a three piece. If you happen to be awake early enough, you might catch him in his running clothes tearing up the pavement. This class act has his hands in so many things here are just a few he is involved in environmentally concessions technology, a full on non profit organization, as well as being Partner of a wealth management company. Oh, I should also mention this Cornell Track start is on route to his Ironman debut!

Tom Golden

Tom has a career in sales. He is a father, husband and one of the nicest guys I have ever met. He is rocking Tucson on a hand cycle now. As a coach, he was the hardest working athlete I have ever known. I have never heard him say no.

Brian Jastrebsky

This ball of talent and amazing hair was one of my first athletes. He is really the athlete that made me fall in love with coaching.  I hope that one day he returns to the sport, his spot at TST will be waiting for him.