Spring Kick off Camp

February 22-26

The best place in the world to build that base, sunny Tucson!

Train with two professional triathletes

Inspire and be inspired by your fellow campers

Work works. Make gains by putting in a great training block


This camp includes:

  • luxury accommodations in a group training house
  • mechanic to box/unbox bikes
  • all meals
  • airport transportation
  • sag long rides
  • aided long runs
  • pool time and coached workouts
  • training sessions with the Hoff
  • Q&A and welcome dinner with the Hoff
  • included massage in house
  • stretch, foam roll and core sessions to stay healthy like a pro
  • Functional Strength evaluation with Craig Smith
  • Optional V02 Max, Lactate Threshold, gait analysis with Craig Smith

Cost: – This camp costs $1,400 (subject to change)

Camp Itinerary:

This base phase camp will be a fun filled action packed week exploring the beauty Tucson has to offer. It will consist of six days of solid training, logs lots of hours. This can be tailored to meet individual needs. If you are not ready for this much volume, sessions can be skipped or cut short. Sag will be on the long rides to provide a ride if need. Also variations can be made on the routes for less mileage.

Here is a sample itinerary:

Check in at 3pm, shake loose 45 min jog at 5pm
Welcome Dinner 6:30 with Ben and Jesse

Group ride through the Tucson Mountains 50-75 miles
afternoon 4k swim session with video analysis

90 min trail run in Sabino Canyon
easy 30 mile spin
functional strength evaluation with Craig Smith
4pm Q & A with Ben

group ride to Madera canyon 90 miles
run 30 off the bike
Farewell BBQ

Early 3-5k swim
optional run off based on travel times



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