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A HUGE thanks to our supporters.  We are selective about the companies that we work with. We only work with companies that we love and products that we truly use. Check them out!




This family owned community based tri store is more than a store. They are fostering the triathlon community across the USA. Educating athletes in every aspect of swim/bike/run is the passion that drives their approach and mission.  Offering brick and mortar stores with exceptional service, expansive selection and critical knowledge enable athletes from all backgrounds to have a place athletes can invest in their health and well being. 


Zoot Sports

Zoot, the global leader in triathlon apparel. Zoot was born in Kona, and live and breathe the sport of triathlon. They make great products and to top it all off, they are an AMAZING group of people! 



Two rugby playing gingers got into skin care. Sounds crazy, right? The result is Zinc that I am proud to wear, and my chamois area has never been happier. Great Products, Great People. 



The ICE Friction Technology bike chain lubrication process significantly reduces chain friction, thereby improving drivetrain efficiency leading to power and speed gains. 

Send Jesse an email and you can get 30% off ICED chains in 2019!

TOPSTEP15 for 15% off!

TOPSTEP15 for 15% off!

Athlete Focused. Science Driven.

F2C Nutrition

This high quality product line has been researched and perfected for years. They have dialed in their own Cluster Dextrin in GlycoDurance. This Product line can get you through the biggest adventures as well as helping you feel great starting your work day with Pharmagreens!

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R Bar Energy

At most seven ingredients. No sugar. No Grain. Pure awesomeness. These bars taste great and are great for you. Brian the founder is a great guy and genuinely wants to help people get out there and #domore



25% off Infocrank power meters!

The latest and greatest in power meters! This dual sided meter is amazingly accurate, and never has to be calibrated! Ride all day in every weather condition with accurate power! Enjoy the information.



2% cash back when purchased through Top Step Training!

The vision of Dimond Bikes started with a radical idea, with a taste of innovation and a deep-seated idea, the Rüster Sports team embarked down the path of creating the Dimond Bike. It is one of the fastest bikes on the market. The close knit, family atmosphere makes it so that you are buying more than a bike. You are joining a family.

SmithPerformanceCenter (1).png

Smith Performance Center

A PT all about getting athletes back to doing what they love to do. Craig Smith breaks the mold of multiple trips to the PT. He finds the problem and helps you fix it. Couple this with a state of the art lift facility and it is a one stop shop to health. 

25% off DSD wheels

25% off DSD wheels

Drive, Speed Durability.

DSD Composites’ roots lie with those young, passionate, die-hard racers who are growing and learning in the sport. Our goal is to meet riders of all needs and abilities with the best quality products available.