“I have been working with Jesse for the last two years in training for triathlons, ironmans, marathons, and trail races, and I have been extremely happy with my experience.  As a professional triathlete and a former teacher, he is very knowledgeable in sports science, physical therapy, race tactics, and season planning.  He is an expert in all three disciplines of triathlon, and has given me useful technique advice in the pool, on the road, and on trails that has helped keep me injury free and maximize my performance.  More than any other coach I’ve had, he spends significant time looking at and thinking about my workout results and reports for planning out the next set of workouts.  With his help, I qualified for Boston, earned my first triathlon overall podium, and am now training for my first trail ultra.  On top of that, he’s one of the nicest guys I know.  I cannot say enough good things about him.”

~Cameron Hummels


“Jesse is very supportive and encouraging of one’s goals. He consistently communicates and offers the advice that is needed to improve performance. As a beginner triathlete, I have already experienced huge gains and couldn’t be more excited!”

~Sarah Sullivan


“There are a lot of great things I can say about Jesse as a coach, triathlete, and a friend.  However one of the biggest things that separate him from the rest of the coaches out there is the time, passion and personal attention he puts into every athlete.  He gets to know his athletes inside and out including their athletic history, desires, and personal lives.    He uses his understanding of every individual to customize training plans and help them achieve their goals. ”

~Molly Hummel


“I couldn’t be happier with Coach Jesse. He is a supportive coach who has been able to work with my busy and unpredictable schedule. My day job requires 60 – 80 hours of work/week. This limits the long periods of training I can do. Jesse has been creative in his workout-planning and this has allowed me to improve in all aspects of my training without interrupting my career. He starts from where each athlete is and increases their workload is a consistent, but not overwhelming way. He is also supportive, kind and funny! I would recommend Coach Jesse to any athlete.”

~Brie Todd