Group Training Sessions

Throughout the year, Jesse will offer some consistent group training sessions. Once the race season is underway, these are subject to change. The current sessions being offered are as follows:


Sunday swim at noon at the Catalina public pool
This uncoached swim will have an optional set, and a fun swim!

Thursday hilly run 6am at Sabino Canyon approximately 90 minutes
This run will be either road or trail, but all hills!
This will be a group start, then run at your own pace.

Private sessions

Jesse offers private swim, bike, or run sessions focused on technique and improved efficiency. If you are in Tucson or traveling to Tucson contact Jesse about a private session today!

Sessions are typically 30 minutes long and I prefer to offer them in sets of two. This gives the athlete a chance to hear an initial evaluation, do some homework and come back to gauge improvements and practices drills and technique. The two 30 minute sessions cost $60.